SHIP'S ORDER 2005-01

HMLAC Banturon Ship’s Order 2005-01

To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMLAC Banturon (LAC-034)

From: Lieutenant (SG) John Chambers, Commanding Officer
RE: Award

As of the date of this order, 15 May 2020, by my authority as commanding officer HMLAC Banturon;

And as nominated by the Bosun of HMS Hector for his efforts at establishing a TRMN communications system via discord in March of 2020 and having been reviewed by the Awards Department of BuPers and certified as in keeping with award intent and therefore may be awarded by the proper authority at anytime.

As of 02 Feb 2020, the following individuals are hereby authorized the following award:
Navy Achievement Medal is awarded to MCPO Jeffrey Hughes (RMN-1688-13)


John Chambers, ME
Lieutenant (SG), RMN
Commanding Officer, HMLAC Banturon (LAC-034)