SHIP'S ORDER 2110-07

HMS Havoc Ship’s Order 2110-07

To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMS Havoc (DD-01)

From: Lieutenant Commander John Chambers, Commanding Officer
RE: Promotion

As of the date of this order, 29 October 2021, by my authority as commanding officer HMS Havoc;

Having met the required Time in Grade, required course work, and promotion points, I hereby announce the following authorized promotions:
As of 29 October
 2021, the following individuals are promoted to the ranks indicated.

Spacer 2nd Class (E-2) Thomas Hall (RMN-6624-21) to Spacer 1st Class (E-3)

John Chambers, CR, SC, OE, CGM
Lieutenant Commander, RMN
Commanding Officer, HMS Havoc (DD-01)