The HMS Havoc (DD-01) is a chapter in The Royal Manticoran Navy: Official Honor Harrington Fan Association. We began life as the HMLAC Banturon (LAC-034). A LAC is a Light Attack Craft and it is the smallest permanent chapter size available.


When we first started we had but three members. Now only a year and a half later we have thirty-two members and we are continuing to grow. Six months after the commissioning of the HMLAC Banturon we put in for an upgrade and were given permission to upgrade to a Havoc Class Destroyer. 

Because of our love of history we chose the first ship in that class, the HMS Havoc as our new home. Our members are found all over the United States of America. Our home base is in Muncie, Indiana but we have members in Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Virginia, South Carolina, Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Canada as well. 

What makes our Chapter so unique is that we are 100% virtual. We hold our Chapter meetings, events, and other functions on our website, discord server, Facebook page, or gaming consoles. While some have said this was a hindrance we have found it to be very beneficial, especially in light of the COVID outbreak which brought the world to a halt. For the crew of the HMS Havoc it was simply business as usual.


Name:                       Havoc Class

Type:                         Destroyer

Affiliation:                  Star Kingdom of Manticore

Date Introduced:       1861 PD

Mass:                        84,500 Tons

Length:                      377m

Beam:                       44m

Draught:                    26m

Acceleration:             415.8g

                                 (519.8g Maximum)

Armament:                Broadside:

                                  5M, 3L, 3CM, 3PD


                                  2M, 1L, 2CM, 2PD